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MMC Health Services is now a part of Altos Health.

Three Key Ingredients

We provide healthcare entrepreneurs with three key ingredients for success.
Why choose Us?


...and direct involvement to help you build a great company. It is your company, but we have the experience to anticipate and navigate obstacles.

Why choose Us?


...to the right combination of the best experts. Specialized expertise can dramatically reduce risk and accelerate your company’s growth.

Why choose Us?


...to grow and create value. We invest directly and also help you raise funds from other sources.

What CEOs say?

Customer Testimonials

It is so refreshing when you have a board member that really understands from his personal experience not just the business, but the customer and the funding environment as well. Mike’s presence, coaching and advice during my tenure at Concuity was invaluable not only to me but to our entire management team. His guidance from the start-up days on through the sale of the company was crucial as we navigated the pathway from prerevenue through to the exit.

Bob WatsonCEO, Concuity
Customer Testimonials

Things don’t always go the way you expect them to in a start-up. Mike Kaplan has been tremendously helpful on the board at HealthLoop and as and advisor to me when we’ve had to adapt to the unexpected. He spends the time it takes to really understand the nuances of our business, encourages considerations of alternatives, focuses on the critical issues and that makes a difference.

Todd JohnsonCEO, HealthLoop
Customer Testimonials

One of the joys of leading Sterling is attracting great talent at the board level. I consider myself very fortunate to have Mike Kaplan on our board. Our management team and I have benefitted enormously from Mike’s insights and perspective. I can always count on Mike to get to the heart of the matter and bring it up in ways that challenges our team without demoralizing our spirit. We take Mike’s incisive comments very seriously and invariably, improve our thinking and approach to a problem. We are a much better organization because of Mike!

Cora M. TellezCEO, Sterling Administration

How we are Different

Private equity and venture capital have become too passive. Many investors are content to understand what is going on at their portfolio companies by attending board meetings and calling the CEO from time to time. They are stretched thin by sitting on too many boards. But entrepreneurs deserve and expect much more. Building a company requires constant effort. Roll-up the sleeves, sweat the details, hands-on effort. Operating expertise makes a difference.

Altos Health understands what it takes to create and sustain a business. Our model brings deep operational involvement to your company. We will be there with you on site helping to get the job done. In contrast to the typical fund, we limit our involvement to a very small number of companies. This allows the team to dedicate significant time every week to each portfolio company.

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How we are Different